Apple Watch can run Windows 95, but you really wouldn’t want it

When Windows 95 launched 21 years ago, it was a cause of some great excitement in Redmond, as this video will always remind us, until Microsoft finds a way to make us forget it exists:

Back in the day, the next generation operating system’s requirements seemed pretty daunting: an Intel 80386 DX CPU, a whopping 4MB of RAM and around 50mb of hard disk space. Nowadays, not only does your computer smash those system specifications, so does your phone, your camera and possibly even your fridge. So many new opportunities for Windows 95 to increase market share!

One example of this is the Apple Watch. If you’re bored of the optimised, sensibly designed wrist watch operating system that plays nicely with your iPhone, you could make the upgrade to Windows 95, I suppose. The Apple Watch, after all, comes with a 520Mhz processor (Windows 95 would work on a 33Mhz computer), 512MB RAM and 8GB storage. That should be more than enough to get the Microsoft guys’ hearts racing all over again.

That was the thoughts of developer Nick Lee who has published a YouTube video documenting his experience of running Windows 95 to a 1.7in screen. Including a motor twisting the crown, so that the screen doesn’t keep switching off.

Wait an hour for it to boot (yes, 60 minutes) and you’ll find an operating system that’s… not hugely practical. But yes, it can be done.

I’d wait for Windows 98 if I were you.

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