This ‘magic’ iPhone case turns your iOS device into an Android one

Remember the guy who put Windows 95 on an Apple Watch? He’s back at it with a brand new invention, and this one’s almost useful. Not content with putting a twenty-year-old operating system on one of the best smartwatches around, developer Nick Lee has now made a 3D-printed phone case that’ll let an iPhone run Google’s mobile OS.

To make the ‘magic’ phone case, Lee first made a custom version Android Marshmallow and loaded it onto a custom circuit board. The next step was to put the board, a battery, boost converter and resistor together, and then wrap it all up in a 3D-printed case.

As you’d expect, Lee went through a number of sorry looking prototypes before coming up with a somewhat sleeker version. What’s more, the final version includes HDMI and USB ports as well as an SD card slot – and it’s probably as close as you’ll get to seeing one on an iPhone.

In the video, Lee uses the iPhone 6s as normal, but then uses a special app called Tendigi to boot up the Android phone case. Just a few taps and the transformation is complete. There are a few issues though; Android doesn’t yet run full screen – and there’s the odd-looking phone case. Lee said the whole project just took a few days to do, and surprisingly Lee has no plans to make more, or sell them. 

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