Apple is moving into the energy industry by selling off its surplus power

Apple has been working towards becoming a 100% sustainable energy company for the last few years. During its 2016 spring event it announced that it had practically achieved that goal and now it seems that Apple is generating so much sustainable energy that it has to set up an energy company to sell the excess.

Apple is moving into the energy industry by selling off its surplus power

Known as Apple Energy LLC, the new subsidiary has filed a request with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to sell power across the US. Essentially, Apple is becoming more than just a tech company, it’s looking to move into the energy space.

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We already know that Apple has plans for 521 megawatts of solar projects around the world, with aims to use clean energy to power its data centres, Apple Stores and offices. While it works on building these projects, Apple is selling off the excess energy it can’t deliver to its own properties to help recoup costs on the energy it has to pay for to power its various locations.

This isn’t the first time a company has stepped outside its general remit to bring in new revenue. For instance, Sony generates a lot of revenue from its Japanese banking and insurance businesses.

For now, Apple Energy won’t be directly powering your homes. Instead, Apple is looking to sell wholesale to energy companies who, in turn, will sell that energy to end consumers.

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