You’ll struggle to find the hidden iPhone in this photo

I don’t know about you, but I grew up on a diet of Spot the Ball and Where’s Wally. As a result, my ability to pick a strange bespectacled man wearing a bobble hat and stripey jumper out of a crowd is now literally second to none. 

You'll struggle to find the hidden iPhone in this photo

Unfortunately for one particular Facebook user in the Philippines, however, her iPhone didn’t happen to be wearing a hat or a jauntily designed sweater when she dropped it on her rug. Instead, the combination of a fetching floral floor covering and an equally flowery iPhone case created an impromptu game of Spot the iPhone that has now gone completely viral. 

Personally, I spent the first couple of minutes imagining that this was going to be a rerun of the Black And Gold Dress debacle that seized the internet’s attention back in 2015. This is not a trick, however. There really is an iPhone on the rug. 

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