Apple and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have made an absurd film – and it’s as good as you probably imagined it would be

Apple – creator of the iPhone, iPad and MacBook – is making a movie, and it stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson alongside, um… Siri?

Yes, that’s right; the world’s highest-paid actor is starring in an Apple-made “film” alongside Apple’s virtual assistant Siri. And if that wasn’t bizarre enough, it’s has the absurd name of “The Rock X Siri: Dominate the Day” and is being pushed as a high-octane action film when it’s little more than a three-minute Siri advert.

The film, based around The Rock’s celebrity lifestyle sees him drive a Lyft car, fly a plane to Rome, somehow end up in Japan and then in space. It’s unclear if this is because of Siri’s help, or because he’s The Rock. If it’s the former, I’m scared about the chaos Siri is capable of in the hands of ordinary folks.

Ahead of time, Johnson said on Twitter that this was going to be the “biggest, coolest, sexiest, funnest (is that a word?) movie ever.” On his Facebook page he elaborated on this message, saying “I make movies for the world to enjoy and we also made this one to motivate you to get out there and get the job done.”

As you can see by watching the video above, it’s little more than a high-budget promo for Siri – but what did I really expect? As Johnson is the highest-paid actor in hollywood it’s unsurprising that Apple probably didn’t fancy funding something full-length with him in about Siri, but we’re writing about it now and you’re reading it so I suppose the Apple PR machine has worked.

 Apple’s flashy advert is clearly a push to get Siri back into people’s consciousness. Google’s Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa and Samsung’s Bixby have all been getting a lot more screen time than Apple’s aeging virtual assistant, with the launch of Apple’s HomePod quickly approaching, Apple knows it needs to up Siri’s public perception.

It is, however, a smart move by Apple to get Johnson onboard with the idea. His name is enough to get people to pay attention and, even if it’s absolutely absurd – or is just one big epic troll – Apple has already managed to get us talking about Siri and its products.

Still, the whole The Rock X Siri: Dominate the Day does feel like somewhat of a missed opportunity. Apple has been branching out into original content with its YouTube channel, showcasing tips videos and Planet of the Apps on Apple Music.

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