Stand out from the crowd with these custom black AirPods

AirPods are just about the strangest product Apple has released in recent years. Individual Bluetooth earbuds that sit in a portable charging dock that looks a bit like a pack of dental floss. They’re rather easy to lose…

Stand out from the crowd with these custom black AirPods

…and if you do lose them, you’re looking at an expensive replacement fee. Even if you lose just one of them. Looking on the bright side, though, not only do they offer excellent sound quality, but their built-in ability to play hide and seek makes them great candidates for warranty-voiding cosmetic surgery. And that’s what BlackPods offers.

While you can buy an iPhone in three colours, the AirPods remain distinctly monochromatic. You can only get them in Apple’s classic white finish. If you want to show both your individuality as well as your cavalier attitude to money, then BlackPods will transform the earphones into either a matte or glossy black finish. The company will either sell you new ones or convert your existing pair – although given they’re based in America, the latter may prove prohibitively expensive once shipping is factored in.

On the subject of expense, this is what BlackPods are charging for the service. You can buy “classic” glossy black AirPods for $279 (~£206), or “stealth” matte black ones for $299 (~£221). That’s quite a big markup from Apple’s American pricing for the AirPods – $159 (~£117, although as they retail for £159 over here, I guess the black ones suddenly look a bit more reasonable). You can also send your current AirPods in for painting, with prices starting at $99 (~£73).

Last week, Apple hinted that a new carry case for AirPods would be coming soon after a picture of its AirPower charging plate showed the case being charged wirelessly. The current case has to be charged using a physical cable. 

I personally wouldn’t pay for the black AirPod service, but it does highlight an interesting gap in the market: people would clearly prefer more colour options from Apple, but so far the company has decided not to bother. Either the company believes the numbers are minimal enough not to bother, or it’s just not a priority – but it’s interesting to think that, like Amazon and its trademarks, Apple has the power to severely damage a small business just with a change of direction, should minds change.

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