iPhone 2019 release date: Leak suggests return to Touch ID for iPhone 2019

Apple may have only just released the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and iPhone XR, but leaks and rumours have already begun swirling for 2019’s iPhone – the iPhone 11.

iPhone 2019 release date: Leak suggests return to Touch ID for iPhone 2019

A new report from Patently Apple suggets Apple is considering taking the iPhone 2019 back a step by returning to Touch ID, after its last phones, which relied on Face ID, sold rather poorly. According to the report the Apple is considering the use of in-display biometric sensors in its newest iPads as a way to trial them before use in iPhone devices. The new Touch ID would likely join Face ID to give two ways to access a device.

Previously veteran Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo detailed two features expected to come to the next iPhone. In addition, an inside source told Fast Company that Apple plans to release a 5G iPhone by 2020, although whether this is the iPhone 12, 12s or iPhone 13 remains to be seen.

The iPhone 12 may well still be a long way off, but we’ll be updating this article with all the rumours and leaks as they happen, so be sure to check back.

iPhone 2019: Price and release date

Predicting when the next iPhone will launch is like predicting what date Halloween will fall on each year — it’s not exactly wild speculation. iPhones always launch for pre-order on a Friday in mid-to-late September. Judging by this trend, the iPhone 12 will likely be announced on 20 September, although it’s possible it’ll be a week late on 27 September. The devices will then be available for purchase from early October.

Price-wise, the last two major iPhones both launched at a starting price of £999, with costs rising for more storage space. There’s no reason the iPhone 12 would be any different, especially if it launches alongside a larger sibling, such as the iPhone Xs Max.

iPhone 2019: Features

The majority of rumours about the device so far come from famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who wrote a note to MacRumors detailing possible features of the newest iPhones. The first iPhone 12 feature reported by Kuo is a flood illuminator for the front-facing camera. This is designed to aid Face ID by contrasting environmental light and thus speeding up facial recognition on the iPhone 12.

In addition, Kuo suggested the iPhone 12 will have a Time of Flight camera, which he also believes future iPads will use. These cameras feature would determine the distance to the subject in a picture by measuring the time of flight of a laser and, therefore, would be able to create 3D images. Kuo isn’t sure that the feature will be available on the iPhone 12, although suggests it will come to iPhones in the future.

Lastly, a second source has suggested that the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 will have 5G functionality. Other phone manufacturers such as Huawei are expected to release 5G phones in 2019, so Apple would be playing catch-up in this regard.

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