Apple iOS 4 update crashing iPhones

Apple’s iPhone woes seem to be never ending, with users now complaining about failures downloading and installing the operating system update that was released to remedy reception perception issues.

Apple last week released iOS 4.0.1 to address the signal strength display on the iPhone, but some users have reported running into problems updating their handsets, with complaints flooding support forums.

PC Pro reader Richard Bray was one such consumer, reporting that after downloading iOS 4.0.1 his phone crashed and was non-responsive to reboots.

Bray, who runs his own software company, says the issue has now been resolved, but he was temporarily without a phone and described the situation as a “fiasco”.

“Everything was fine. My iPhone 4 was working perfectly and I had the very latest version of iTunes installed on my Windows 7 PC and communicating fine with the iPhone,” he said.

“Then iTunes advised me to upgrade to 4.0.1 and I accepted. It downloaded the firmware and started to upgrade the phone, but then my PC came up with a message saying that the installation had failed and my iPhone was completely useless – I was phoneless.”

Bray attributed the issue to the fact that “iTunes can get itself in a bit of a mess and although I had the latest version of iTunes there were problems with the DLL that several programs share. It can be very picky about the order things are installed or uninstalled in”.

Apple support – which Bray said was remarkably efficient in resolving the problem – suggested the glitch was due to conflicts on his computer and asked him to try to install the update using a different PC.

“When I tried it on another machine with a fresh install of iTunes it completed the upgrade, but it was still a bit of a fiasco,” Bray said. “The original machine is nearly new so it was hard to see why it wouldn’t work.”

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