Apple Watch KILLER features: 7 awesome things Apple’s smartwatch can do

The Apple Watch is one of the most impressive smartwatches we’ve used, and is one of the strongest cases yet for wearables. For those with an up-to-date iPhone, it’s the best smartwatch to buy, and includes a range of features – from fitness apps to games – that make it a genuinely useful extension to your smartphone. Throw in a svelte case and numerous ways to personalise it, and the Apple Watch could be the gadget of the year.

Apple Watch KILLER features: 7 awesome things Apple’s smartwatch can do

Still not sure if you want one? Here are the Apple Watch’s killer features:

1. Time Travel


The Apple Watch is great for letting you know your current situation, but what if you want to know what’s happening later on – or what you were doing earlier in the day? Enter Time Travel, one of the most powerful tools on the Apple Watch.

Turning the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown lets you travel backwards or forwards in the day, and cleverly displays the information at the time you’ve travelled to. That way, you’re able to see exactly what the weather was like earlier in the day, or what appointments you have scheduled later on – and much more.

2. Activity App


Although the App Store offers a range of more detailed running apps, Apple’s own workout app is a good place to start. Featuring a clean interface and simple controls, the Apple Watch’s workout app makes it easy to track your activity, especially runs.

When jogging, the Apple Watch keeps you informed about your pace, distance, overall time and a range of other useful information, so you’ll never need to glance at your phone.

3. Remote Shutter

One of the most interesting features of Apple’s wearable, the Remote Shutter function allows you to use your Apple Watch screen as a live-viewfinder for your iPhone. Although it might seem like a gimmick at first, it’s actually one of the Apple Watch’s killer features.

Great for looking over crowd, taking group shots or even looking in the loft, the Remote Shutter app is one of the most unique – but genuinely useful – features the Apple Watch has to offer.

4. Music Glance


Whether you’re jogging or commuting, taking out your phone to change tracks or volume is a nuisance, but the Apple Watch has yet another trick up its sleeve. Apple’s wearable lets you control the audio output of a connected iPhone, so you can play, pause and select whatever you want to listen to – all without taking your phone out of your pocket. While it may sound like a small feature, it’s one you’ll take for granted and use almost all the time.

5. Locate iPhone

Looking for your smartphone is one of the most frustrating things you can do, especially if you’re in a rush. Usually you’d have to call your phone and listen out for ringing/vibrating, but the Apple Watch packs in a useful new way to locate your missing iPhone. Heading to Glances and clicking on a smartphone symbol makes your handset emit a loud ping, making it much easier to find your phone.

6. Taking calls


The Apple Watch is by no means the best device for making or answering calls on, but it’s fine for when you’re not near your iPhone. If there’s an urgent call and your smartphone is nowhere in sight, pressing the green answer symbol on the Apple Watch will allow you to answer. The call quality is surprisingly good, and slightly directing your speech into Watch ensures the caller will hear you loud and clear.

7. Power Reserve mode

The Apple Watch’s battery life is good enough for around two days of use, but if you’re unable to charge your smartwatch, Power Reserve mode allows you to eek out an extra few hours. When in Power Reserve mode, the Apple Watch can’t do that much – in fact, the Apple Watch will only display the time – but it’s a good way of conserving your battery for when you need it most.

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