Pokémon Go live events: All the news, bonuses and new Pokémon coming to the app

From 10 April, Pokémon Go Trainers are being treated to a new event designed to celebrate the Kanto region, with the rumoured release of 151 shiny Pokémon from generation one. 

In a teaser post, developers Niantic said: “Trainers, starting April 10, we’ll be hosting a special celebration in honour of the Kanto region in Pokémon Go. Keep your eyes on the official Pokémon Go website and social media channels for more information surrounding this event.” It went live at 9pm BST on 10 April and will run until 17 April. During this time, the number of Kanto region Pokémon will increase and catching these creatures will give you double Candy. There are also Raid Passes hidden in special boxes. 

Read more about the Kanto celebration here, or more about Pokémon Go Live events below.

Pokémon Go live events: Everything you need to know

What is a Pokémon Go live event?

Pokémon Go events are updates issued to the game from its creators Niantic. Generally, these revolve around the addition of new raids, timed-release rare Pokémon and opportunities to boost XP, acquire Stardust and hatch rarer Eggs. These events tend to take place on a global scale but typically have regional elements mixed in – requiring completionists to travel or trade with other users.

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When are Pokémon Go live events held?

Niantic holds a Pokémon Go event every month, enticing players back into the augmented world of Pokémon with alarming regularity. Sometimes there will be a big Pokémon Go event, such as the release of the Legendary Birds and Legendary Dogs. These bigger events tend to take place a couple of times a year and you can usually expect one to happen over the summer period.

How do you take part in a Pokémon Go live event?

Taking part in a Pokémon Go live event is blissfully simple. All you need to do is download Pokémon Go from your relevant app store and open the app to take part. Events take place all around you, meaning that by simply playing Pokémon Go you’re involved in the latest event.

There are also country-specific Pokemon Go live events, and more information can be found from the dedicated Pokemon Go Live event page.

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Recent Pokémon Go events 

To celebrate thee arrival of Gen 3 Pokémon in Pokémon Go, The Pokémon Company and Niantic recently released a short video that apes the likes of Planet Earth and Blue Planet. Narrated by Stephen Fry’s dulcet tones, and scored by Blue Planet‘s composer George Fenton, the video envisions a world where Pokémon roam free.

The trailer also teases the arrival of new Gen 3 Pokémon Minun, Plusle, Wailord and Masquerain.

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