Google rolls out three ‘Appsperiments’ designed to help you take better smartphone pictures

We’ve all become professional photographers since the smartphone became commonplace, and admittedly, a bit more vain. According to a report by Google, 93 million selfies are taken every day. What better way is there to capitalise on that than by releasing a package of three photo apps that supplement our need to snap everything? 

Google rolls out three ‘Appsperiments’ designed to help you take better smartphone pictures

The three photo apps developed by Google Research have the catchy adopted name of Appsperiments. One of the apps on offer is a riff on the Hyperlapse app, called Motion Stills, which converts short videos into cinemagraphs and time lapses using experimental rendering and stabilisation technology.

 Scrubbies, an iOS-only app, works similarly to the scrubbing feature seen on the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. Select clips of videos, swipe forward or backwards to speed it up or slow it down at certain parts, and hey presto, you’ve made a remixed clip.

Exclusive to Android is Storyboard, an Appsperiment that selects six frames from a single video and arranges them into a comicbook-style strip before applying certain saturation and brightness settings to each frame. Google claims there are 1.6 trillion different styles for you to choose from. 

Finally, Google has made Selfissimo, an Appsperiment for both iOS and Android, and it’s probably the dream app for heavy Snapchat users. It works like an automatic shutter button, snapping a picture whenever you hold still. After your photoshoot is done, you can pick and select your best lovingly-crafted selfies and share them with the world.

Google Research has more photography Appsperiments in the pipeline. None of the ones out so far interest me all that much. They seem like gimmicks that you might download and use once if I’m honest, but that’s what I said about Snapchat, so what do I know?

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