FakeApp lets you recast Nicolas Cage into any movie using AI

History is full of “what if” questions. What if President Kennedy had survived his assassination, for example, or what if Germany has launched a sea battle against Britain in 1940? Somewhere down the list of pressing hypotheticals is “What if Nicolas Cage were cast as Indiana Jones” but thanks to internet memes and AI, we have an answer of sorts to the question nobody asked.

The FakeApp software uses an AI algorithm to impose faces on top of people in existing video content. The internet being the internet, this has previously been applied to the icky, but here’s a far more wholesome use. Meet the new star of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Mr Nicolas Cage.

You know Nicolas Cage, right? You probably remember him as the original James Bond.

And who could remember his star-turn as Lois Lane?

Or Gollum?

Understandably, such a glistening CV makes him a prime candidate for interviews, and who better to question Cage than Cage himself? To catch a Cage, you must think like a Cage.

FakeApp isn’t the only piece of software using AI to analyse facial traits, of course. Earlier this month Google took social media by storm when it allowed people to find their art doppelganger with a single selfie.

And yes, of course, Nicolas Cage has one:

If you want to find out who your art world match is, you can find out how to use the Google Arts and Culture selfie mode in the UK here.

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