Algorithms and the human touch: what’s your view?

In two weeks’ time, we’re hosting a talk called “Algorithms and the human touch” at an event organised by GroupM. With speakers that include applied futurologist Tom Cheesewright, director of Content360 Sara Driscoll, co-founder of RedBud Partners  Chloe Grutchfield, and the co-founder of Us Ai, Pete Trainor, there will be no shortage of opinions expressed – but we’re interested in your views.

Algorithms and the human touch: what's your view?

As automation and algorithms change our lives, what are the risks? Are we relying on computers that don’t fully understand the context and end up making the wrong decisions?

It’s already happening, with people denied loans based on an algorithm’s black-box thinking.

Can humans ever oversee such systems? Who should have the final say, humans or a black box? How can we check the technology is working as it should, to the ethical standards we expect?

What do you think? Enter your thoughts in the comments or in the box provided below:

On the day, our panel of experts includes:

  • Applied futurologist Tom Cheesewright
  • Co-founder of Us Ai, Pete Trainor
  • Sara Driscoll, IT journalist and owner of content and consultancy business, Content360
  • Co-founder of RedBud Partners, Chloe Grutchfield

The event will be chaired by PC Pro editor-in-chief Tim Danton, so look out for his report from the event on Friday 16 November.

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