Meet the world’s first intelligent turntable

Vinyl has been “making a comeback” for a while now. Its popularity has resurged, and now it seems that every pub south of the river that wants to turn a profit houses a record player, much to the delight of its hipster patrons.

Meet the world’s first intelligent turntable

Enter LOVE, a turntable for the 21st century. It’s compact, black, sleek and ergonomic. It sort of resembles the shell of a BMW. It’s smart to boot; using a linear tracking sensor, LOVE can scan any record to determine the size/number of tracks. And it’s got user-friendliness down to a tee – a simple tap can switch the turntable on or off, or be used to forward to the next track.

In a revolutionary new twist, the device actually spins on top of the record, which itself remains stationary. Despite this, LOVE appears to be a perfect marriage (no pun intended) of old and new – traditionalists will rejoice that the old-style cartridge and stylus still feature, guaranteeing that classic, captivating sonic experience.

What’s more, the device supports an Android and iOS app for smartphone users, letting you control LOVE remotely via your mobile. So while you’re reclining in your upcycled leather armchair in your Hackney loft, you wield total control over your turntable device. The ultimate millennial dream. So if you’re not one of those trendy so-and-sos one occasionally sees milling about, having traded in their iPhone 6s for an oh-so-ironic Nokia 3330, the app is immensely handy.

Indeed, CH Pinhas, CEO of Love Turntable Inc, seems to have located a staggering gap in the market: “Record sales have spiked over 60% in recent years, but nearly half of the people who own vinyl records don’t play them. Our goal is to make it simple for anyone to enjoy the natural melodies and pure traditional sound of analogue through the convenience of modern-day technology.”

And a commendable goal it is – perhaps explaining why, at the time of writing, the turntable had raised upwards of $118,00 (£93,000) of its $50,000 (£40,000) goal on Kickstarter. That being said, investors should be wary of a Znaps-style coup d’état, where sellers bypassed their investors and sold directly to the public. Nonetheless, keep your wits about you and it’s definitely one to watch. 

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