• Elliot Gardner is a northern-born, London-based journalist who writes whenever possible about video games, but who also covers food, drink, and science. You'll most likely see him protesting that his accent really isn't that strong or playing far too much DotA 2.

  • Duncan is a freelance science and technology writer currently based in the bracing cold of Gothenburg. He's especially passionate on environmental issues such as climate change, and holds a masters degree in Enivornmental Science.

  • Max Glaskin is an award-winning journalist and the author of Cycling Science: How Rider and Machine Work Together. He gives presentations about cycling and science, leads cycling science tours, and shares expert insights into the latest R&D, where it is leading and how design, science, engineering and technology affect lives. He tweets as @CyclingScience1 and blogs at

  • Mary is a writer and critic interested in the intersection of art, science and popular culture. And Venn diagrams.

  • Born in Hong Kong, features journalist Theresa Harold has ​written for numerous​ ​publications including The Telegraph, Prestige Hong Kong, ​Asia Spa and #​Legend​. She​ ​is based in London, where she freelances and​ ​tweets @t1harold​.​

  • Paul covers everything tech-related on two wheels for He is an experienced motorcyclist & test rider and has covered bike launches and tyre tests for more than 10 years for publications including MotorcycleNews and The Daily Mirror.

  • Dave Howell is a journalist and author with over 20 years of experience, specialising in technology and business subjects. His work has appeared in the national press, specialist magazines and websites.
  • Based in the UK – Manchester, for those of you with an eye for fine details – Chris is a freelance video game and technology journalist currently mashing his keyboard in the name of Gamasutra, Stuff, and Alphr.

  • Contributor

    One of the best technology journalists in the UK, Nicole is known for getting behind the headlines to uncover the truth of what’s really going on. If there’s a story, she’ll find it.

  • Alex is currently on an internship at Alphr and Expert Reviews, having previously interned at The Guardian and IDG. His interests lie in the tech that’s pushing the world forward, whether that’s artificial intelligence or self-driving cars if it’s something you can use or look at and say. “Damn, that’s cool,” he’ll like it. He especially enjoys writing about the intersections between technology and culture, sometimes with a critical eye. That said, he has a personal interest in the tech that’s changing lives for the disabled.

    If you don’t see him manically running around outside, playing Pokémon Go with his dog, you’re likely to see him scoffing his face in a burger bar or listening to some obscure indie band, pint of cider in tow. He’s still waiting for the day wireless charging will actually be truly wireless.

  • Tech writer with a thing for policy and rights. Berliner, Capetonian, recovering Londoner. 

  • Christopher is the deputy reviews editor at Expert Reviews and contributes to Alphr. He has been reviewing consumer technology on his website and YouTube since 2007. He holds a strong passion for technology, and his specialities lie in audio, smartphones, computers, visual displays and PC peripherals. Christopher also has experience in the world of PR, having previously worked in the field for two years.

    In his spare time, Christopher reviews technology as a hobby, practises freestyle football (where he likes to think of himself as Ronaldinho) and is an active member of the University of Surrey Taekwondo club. He holds a black belt and has been training in the martial art since 2009.

  • Staff Writer

    Edward started his journey in the world of tech journalism with a three-year stint at Web User, where he wrote tutorials and reviews on smartphone apps, PC software, browsers and all things Windows 10. For Alphr, he covers a range of topics including science, security, wearables, the future of technology - and everything in between.

    Outside tech, his passions include cycling, photography, rugby and music. He recently also found an appreciation for hiking after walking part of the famous Routeburn track in New Zealand (while drastically unprepared).

  • Hannah Nicklin is a game designer, writer, academic and producer who works in the places between games, politics, theatre and community-based work. She's currently supported by a generous Patreon community which would welcome you with open arms should you wish to join at In her spare time she races bikes. You can follow her on Twitter @hannahnicklin, as long as you can tolerate the bike chat.

  • James O'Malley has written for the New StatesmanCityMetricThe and Lifehacker, among others. He is also the BBC Asian Network's technology expert, appearing weekly on the Noreen Khan show.

    Previously the Founder & Editor of The Pod Delusion, a weekly news-magazine radio programme and podcast about politics, science and culture, all from a sceptical-rationalist point of view. Guests included Stephen Fry, Armando Iannucci, Brian Cox and David Attenborough. It was broadcast on Resonance FM in London.

    Also, James was previously Editor of TechDigest

  • Contributor

    Until late 2014, Chris was editor-in-chief of three different Mac titles in the UK - including the market leader, MacFormat. He’s an unashamed geek and presenter of a whisky-based podcast. It gets better the more drunk he becomes.

  • Sarah Power is a London-based web-editor and freelance writer.

  • John Rakowski is Director of Technology Strategy at AppDynamics. Prior to joining AppDynamics in 2015, he was analyst at Forrester Research, where he provided strategic guidance to vendor and end-user clients in web and mobile application performance management (APM), IT operational analytics (ITOA), modern service delivery (DevOps), and emerging innovations in digital business analytics.

  • John Rakowski is Director of Product Marketing for Application Performance Management (APM) and analytics at AppDynamics. Prior to his current role, John was the lead analyst for APM and IT Operational Analytics (ITOA) at Forrester Research helping clients with their APM and analytics strategies. Earlier he worked at Fujitsu and Capgemini architecting and implementing systems management technologies for enterprises in the financial and utilities sectors plus UK government. John has more than 10 years of experience with systems management and monitoring technologies. You can follow John on Twitter.

  • Having the industrial backdrop of Los Angeles 2019 from Blade Runner (actually ICI Wilton near Middlesbrough) during his formative years obviously made an impression on Peter.  After fifteen years in Engineering, Peter saw the light.  He is now a freelance writer, covering science, technology and science-fiction.  He spends much of his days writing for the BBC and the Guardian and waiting for the day when we will have hover cars and jetpacks.

  • In a previous life, Alex was a researcher in the University of Newcastle in the field of cell and molecular biology, following a PhD in embryology looking at cow ovaries!  After a slight change of career, Alex is now working freelance as a science writer covering anything from animal behaviour to plant genetics. She is currently living in the Highlands of Scotland and, when not working, can be found enjoying the scenery or trying to catch sight of the local wildlife. 

  • Grace made her journalism studies global after spending two years chasing down sources and public transportation in her hometown of Philadelphia. She’s swapped reporting on education, health and community in Pennsylvania for phones and robots in London.

    She’s hoping to expand her experience and candor in the UK. And also search for cafes with free wi-fi and cosy reading spots.

  • Fresh from the university bubble, Emma has spent the past three years dissecting the greats of English Literature. Determined not to be excluded from the canon herself, she has taken to tech journalism, where she covers a variety of news stories, from the latest smartphones to Trump’s technology appointments.

    Emma harbours a particular interest in the fast-paced world of tech startups, having worked for a law firm that helps bring them to fruition. That, and she was captivated by Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network...

  • Mark Smith is a journalist and copywriter who has written for publications in both print and online in the UK and Asia.

  • I currently provide technical leadership to Microsoft’s Lift London on a myriad of different Microsoft products, applications and services for experiences across Windows and HoloLens. 

    Before this I lead the engineering transformation of Sony's billion dollar SingStar franchise from disc based product to service delivery. 

    Customer obsession, simplicity and a strong desire to lead an organisation for change are my main motivations.