Akasa PowerPax 400W review

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The most lightweight supply we looked at was the Akasa PowerPax 400W (number 5 in the image), a £36 unit that offers two independent +12V rails, rated at 13A and 14A.

Akasa PowerPax 400W review

In our tests, it achieved exactly 80.6% efficiency, a decent score, but the lowest in this esteemed company.

That power rating of 400W is a little on the low side these days, too, because some modern computers can draw that much even when idle, and running a power supply at full capacity reduces efficiency and reliability.

Under 100% load, the Akasa heated up to 38C, making it this month’s warmest contender.

The one-year warranty is unusually short, too, but it’s reasonably good value, costing less per watt than any of its rivals.

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