WATCH THIS: Proto human evolves into academic in 90 seconds

Say what you like about evolution: quick, it ain’t. We know you’re busy: chances are you’ve got minutes, rather than hours (or the millions of years required to watch evolution in real-time), so this time-lapse video offers a decent approximation of humankind’s slow, deliberate journey from proto human to bearded academic.

It’s the work of Yale Press to promote John Gurche’s book,

Shaping Humanity: How Science, Art and Imagination Helps Us Understand Our Origins. Conspiracy theorists on YouTube would have you believe that the evolution into a bearded white man is evidence of a political statement, but that’s actually Gurche himself. Which is fair enough, given that it’s his book to promote.

Or was, rather. The video is from 2013, but where else can you find the subtleties of human evolution put together so beautifully, and in less time than it takes to tip 880 gallons of water on some concrete?

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