How to Block Calls on the Apple iPhone 8/8+

Receiving an unwanted call can disrupt your day.

How to Block Calls on the Apple iPhone 8/8+

Even if you choose not to answer, it can be upsetting to get a call from someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries. In addition to unpleasant personal calls, many people also have to deal with telemarketers. Unfortunately, promotional calls are becoming very common.

The best way to deal with these problems is to use your phone’s call blocking options. So how do you block calls on your iPhone 8 or 8+?

Block a Number from Recent Contacts

You can block the person who called you from your recent calls list. To do so, follow these steps:

Go into the Phone App

You can open this app from your home screen.

Tap on Recent

Scroll Down to the Person You Want to Block

Select the Information Icon Next to Their Number

Select “Block This Caller”

This option is at the bottom of your screen.

Block Calls from the Call Blocking Menu

Here is another easy way to block callers:

Go into Settings

Select Phone

Find the Calls Section

Tap on Call Blocking & Identification

Now you can add the number you want to get rid of.

Select Block Contact

You can also unblock callers from this same menu. To unblock a number, go here: Settings >Phone > Calls > Call Blocking & Identification

Find the caller you want to unblock and tap on the red icon next to their number. Confirm the action by tapping on Unblock.

Do Not Disturb Mode

Sometimes you want to block all calls, no matter who they’re coming from. Well, if you set your iPhone 8/8+ to Do Not Disturb, you can enjoy a period of rest from all calls.

Here is how you can turn on this option:

Go into Settings

Tap on Do Not Disturb

Switch the Toggle to On

This turns on the Do Not Disturb mode. To start receiving calls again, simply turn the toggle off.

You can also set a schedule. If you go for this option, your phone will block all calls for a pre-determined period every day.

Third-Party Apps

Call blocking targets specific callers whose numbers you have access to, whereas Do Not Disturb extends to all calls. But what about spam callers whose numbers you don’t know?

You can use a third-party app to shield you from spammers and junk calls. For example, you can go for Truecaller. This app has over 250 million users and is very efficient when it comes to blocking spam.

So how does the app work? When you install it, your phone gets access to a block list. If you receive a call from a known spammer from the list, the app will block it for you.

Here is how you can set up your app after you installed it:

Go into Settings

Select Phone

Find Calls

Tap on Call Blocking & Identification

Select Allow These Apps To Block Calls And Provide Caller ID

Tap on the blocking app you want to use.

A Final Word

If you block someone’s number on your iPhone 8/8+, you won’t receive calls or messages from the person in question. When they call, they’ll get redirected to voicemail, but you won’t get notified if they leave a voicemail message.

Fortunately, your caller won’t know that you blocked them. You can thus block people without needing to worry about any awkwardness that may ensue.

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