How To Block Calls on the iPhone 6S

Constantly getting annoying calls is well, annoying. These calls can come at any hour of the day and can be a real nuisance. While many of these calls may be scam or from telemarketers, that’s not all. Maybe you have an ex who won’t stop calling you, or someone posted your number on a dating site or social media account. Whatever the reason, there are a ton of different scenarios in which you may want to block someone from being able to call your phone.

How To Block Calls on the iPhone 6S

Thankfully, Apple has included a few ways to do just that within your iPhone 6S. This article will take an in-depth look at a few different ways you can block calls to your device. Not only are these functions and features helpful, they are also quite easy to use for the most part. Here they are!

How to Block a Contact on the iPhone 6S

Blocking numbers is incredibly easy and just requires you to go into the Settings app and find a particular menu. The menu is incredibly easy to find, just go to the Settings app, head down to the Phone menu, and then tap Call Blocking and Identification. All you have to do is click the Block Contact button, and then either select the contact you want to block and voila! That’s all there is to it! The menu also lets you unblock people.

How to Block a Number on the iPhone 6S

If you don’t have the person saved as a contact that you want to block, don’t fret. Instead of going into the Settings app, all you need to do is head over to the Phone app. Once in there, tap the information button (the one with the i in a circle), and then scroll to the bottom and press Block This Caller. Simple as that.

Those are the only ways to directly block a particular phone number on the iPhone. There are a few other apps that (beginning with iOs 10) came out and claim to be able to block many different spam phone calls. If you want to download one and give it a try, go ahead. If they work as advertised, it would be a huge help in eliminating unnecessary calls that we all get at one time or another.

However, there are a couple of other ways to block phone calls, but they will block every single caller. This is done by using the Do Not Disturb feature on the iPhone 6S. It is found by just going into the Settings app and locating Do Not Disturb. There are a few different customization options, but if you set it to manual, you will not receive calls. Of course, you will want to remember to turn this option back off, or else you won’t get any calls at all. Also, you can opt to schedule a certain time period in which you don’t want to receive calls to your device. While this is not as selective, it can be a good way to stop calls if for some reason you are being spammed by a bunch of different numbers in a short time period.

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