How To Block Calls on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

What can you do if you keep receiving unwanted calls? This situation can happen to anyone. Instead of feeling stressed out and avoiding your phone, your best option is to block the unwanted caller.

How To Block Calls on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Blocking has another important upside. It can keep you safe from telemarketers, surveys or political calls. You should definitely block anyone who tried to scam you or intimidate you over the phone.

So what are the best ways to block calls on your Galaxy Note 8?

Reject a Particular Number

If you have the number of the person you want to avoid, follow these steps:

  • Open the Phone App
  • Tap on the Menu Icon in the Top Right Corner
  • Select Settings

  • Select Block Numbers
  • Add the Number You Want to Block.

You can also use the match criteria option and block all numbers that contain a certain string of digits. For example, you can enter calls from another country by blocking all numbers that start with the international calling code of the country in question. This can be very effective when it comes to getting rid of spam calls.

You can also go through your contacts and add numbers you have listed there. Simply tap on the contacts icon and then find the person you’re looking for. There’s also an option for browsing recent calls to find the numbers that you want to block.

  • Tap on Block

What Happens When a Caller Is Blocked?

When you get a call from a blocked number, it will automatically be redirected to your voicemail. The caller can still leave a voicemail message.

Some users dislike the thought of receiving a voicemail from a blocked caller. There are many reasons why you might want to cut off contact with someone entirely. Going through your voicemail and encountering their message can be annoying or upsetting.

Additionally, many spam callers leave voicemail. This can clog up your storage.

So what can you do if you want to prevent voicemail messages from blocked callers? Canceling voicemail is easy, but that’d be too drastic. Blocking unwanted voicemail messages is possible, though it might not be free.

  1. Contact Your Carrier

You can look into your carrier’s blocking service. Your carrier can block anyone from leaving you a voicemail message.

The downside to this approach is that blocking services may come with a fee. Additionally, there is a limit on the number of callers you can block.

But the upside is that carrier blocking services are effective at filtering out spam. If you keep receiving robocalls and other telemarketing calls, contacting your carrier might be your best choice.

  1. Download an App

You can also get an app that blocks unwanted voicemail messages. Google Voice is one of the best options.

Google Voice is a US-only app. If you use voicemail regularly, it is a good option for you, as it can transcribe voicemail messages. What about blocking?

Unfortunately, Google Voice doesn’t get rid of unwanted voicemails entirely. But if you get a message from a blocked number, it automatically gets marked as spam. Hence, you won’t receive a notification.

A Final Word

If you own a Note 8, you probably use it continuously throughout the day. Avoiding unwanted calls can seriously disrupt your routine. But blocking a number on this phone is easy, and it will help you get back to using your phone without a care.

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