The AAAGH List

It’s the current elite; the best of the best; the section everyone turns to for their buying decisions, with 108 items in 51 categories. It’s also – for several days of every long month – the absolute bane of my life.

Most months the A List goes without a hitch. We check items are still available, we find the latest prices and we refresh it with the best reviews from the current issue – usually trickling in slowly until the inevitable last-minute deluge the day before we go to press. But this month I decided it wasn’t good enough.

So I changed the categories around.

Trawling through back issues for suitable products to add; calling round manufacturers for up to date prices; checking those blasted E-Value codes from a certain large manufacturer still work – it’s frustrating enough without the rejigging of a number of categories. But we started it so we had to finish, and finish we did; and the result is a much more sensible selection of categories.

So when you pick up Issue 165 in a couple of weeks and you’re casually flicking through to that fact-filled section between News and Reviews, spare a thought for the work that goes into keeping it relevant. And for my receding hairline.

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