Advice on sellotape engineering


Advice on sellotape engineering

A big part of what we do at PC Pro is to offer advice; we review all the new gadgets on the market so you can make informed decisions, and we offer help to get the most from them once you’ve bought them. It’s a service, one which 83,204 print readers and 800,000 online readers find helpful.

So why don’t my friends listen to me?

I received an email today, with the picture above attached, from a friend who had broken her laptop charger. Would it be safe, she asked, to open it up and try to fix it herself? “Not at all”, I replied, it’s dangerous, and might even start a fire.

Two hours later, I received another email, along with the photo below. I just hope that her sellotape engineering skills are more advanced than her photography skills…


Photos courtesy of Simone Ciolek, amateur PC engineer, and even more amateur photographer.

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