Why doesn’t it “Just Work”?

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Why doesn’t it “Just Work”?

Bluetooth is the bane of my life at the moment. Designed to make quick and easy wireless connections between disparate devices it often fails to be quick, easy or indeed connect.

I have Jabra BT620 headphones for listening to music while I work without disturbing my colleagues. Every time I use them they connect in mono using the “handsfree” profile which gives tinny monophonic sound suitable for phone calls. To get stereo I have to go through the pairing process. Every time!

The Pioneer radio/SatNav system in our car will connect using Bluetooth to Mike’s phone to route phone calls to the car’s speakers and microphone. It will connect to my phone too but only so the phone can provide audio from its media player, a function it won’t do from Mike’s. What is even more annoying is that both phones are HTC TyTN II. Why can’t they both connect using both profiles? It is a mystery.

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