Man saves PC from raging house fire

A resident of Winona, Minnesota has been charged with disorderly conduct after he ‘jeopardised the safety’ of police officers and fire-fighters by plunging into his burning house to try and rescue his computer.

Man saves PC from raging house fire

usb-on-fire-300x230The brave citizen darted back into the inferno – when the cops weren’t watching – to rescue his precious PC with seemingly little regard for his own safety or, indeed, the wellbeing of the rest of his possessions.

Officers have testified that he was ‘obviously intoxicated’ and, after having the police called to calm the distraught man down, waited until they were out of site before making his courageous rescue bid.

The rest of the house has been gutted completely, according to the fire fighters – and insurance folk will be visiting to determine if anything can be salvaged.

We’re looking into the story but, as of yet, there’s no word on whether or not the PC made it out alive. It must have been a pretty important game of Football Manager to make the alcohol-fuelled rescuer run back into the house, or there must have been some pretty expensive hardware inside.

Either way, it’s nice to see people willing to go to such great lengths to keep their technology intact – anyone else got stories of extreme PC rescue in the face of similar – or greater – adversity? Or, if you’ve not personally had to rescue your computer from the clutches of Beelzebub before, what would it take to make you do it?

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