How to use Outlook

There’s a theory in the office that I’m insane, because I use Outlook in a very particular way. It’s mainly due to the fact I can’t stand a full inbox; it makes me anxious in the same way that some people can’t cope unless their desk is clear.

As such, as soon as I receive an email – providing I can break away from what I’m doing – I take a look at it and try and deal with it there and then. If it needs to be saved, I file it away in a folder. If not, I delete it. As a result, I generally just have a handful of emails in my inbox, compared to the thousands of my colleagues*.

The end result is that my inbox becomes my to-do list. A constant reminder of the bigger things I have to do.

But what I’d like to know is if anyone else uses Outlook in this way – am I alone? Maybe you use that odd system where you declare certain ones urgent, certain ones two-minuters, others to sort out when you’ve got half an hour free?

* Though right now I’ve got 86 due to six days away from the office… and that’s after weeding out all the junk.

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