Pimp, my watch


We’re including a Christmas gift guide in the upcoming issue of PC Pro, and I’m writing a page on watches. That means that my desk is littered with all sorts of mobile phone, GPS, Bluetooth and generally pretty cool watches. And, yes, I have tried wearing them all at once.

This one is my current favourite – the Pimp P2 Pusher from TokyoFlash. A terrible name, but a superbly impractical design. It doesn’t tell the time with archaic hands, or even numerical digits, but with LEDs.

The left-hand vertical column represents hours – five are illuminated here, and the 60 other LEDs represent the minutes past that hour. You can easily count blocks of five at a time, as each horizontal row is marked off along the right. In the picture above the time is five minutes past five. It takes a little getting used to, but it keeps the mind active. Or something.

I’ve been getting a bit of stick for wearing it in the office, even from our esteemed editor, Tim Danton, in this week’s podcast, but that’s probably just jealousy.

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