Microsoft Office Outlook 2010’s new meeting request view

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 meeting requestOutlook 2010 is undoubtedly the most changed of all the Microsoft Office 2010 applications, benefiting from the much-heralded Ribbon interface. Although my first reaction on seeing it was slight shock, as you’re presented with a mass of options when often all you want to do is Reply or Delete, I’m already seeing advantages.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010's new meeting request view

Primary among these, so far as I’m concerned, is the new meeting request view. Not so much in the organisation phase – there are no major innovations there – but in the view that’s presented to invited members.

Before, you just got a simple message to say whether the meeting was clashing with another, and a small Calendar button so you could go and check, but now your day is actually integrated into the meeting request email – as per the screenshot above.

Suddenly it’s much easier to see whether or not you need to rearrange another meeting or if it’s just a reminder you popped there, and not a real meeting at all.

I’m now using Office 2010 as my main office suite, so if you’ve got any requests about topics for future posts then let me know. For example, I’ll be using the “Quick Steps” pane in anger over the next few days, and I’ll be interested to see whether it speeds up using Outlook… or just gets in the way.

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