Your iPhone has a virus? Well it’s your fault

iphone-under-attack-from-Rick-Astley-462x346So anyone who has hacked their iPhone now finds it open to attack. There is one word to describe this – “excellent”. I am extremely pleased that this has come about. I am delighted that people who have hacked their iPhone are now under attack.

Your iPhone has a virus? Well it's your fault

Wooahh, you shout – this is not very nice of Jon.

No, but it is honest. If you disable the security on a device, and install code with default, known passwords, then precisely who is to blame here? The answer is simple – it’s your fault. If you break the bank vault door, then don’t be surprised if nasty people wander in.

If the worm broke into standard iPhones, then my wrath would be aimed at Apple, to ensure they got a fix out as fast as possible.

It is not, in any way, the responsibility of Apple. And it is bad and wrong of these headlines say “iPhone has its first worm” too. The target here is not an iPhone – it is a modified computing device that was once an iPhone. All liability fell away from Apple the moment you ran that jailbreak software. And all liability landed on you.

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