Office Web Apps: which type of documents are supported

SkyDrive_thumb.png Microsoft announced its Web Apps today, and indeed we provided a full review based on several months’ experience using them. One question it’s worth answering separately, though, is exactly which type of documents are supported by each web app. So here goes.

Office Web Apps: which type of documents are supported

Word Web App

This applies to Word documents created in Word 95 or later. Note that the only limitation to file size is SkyDrive’s 50MB limit. Note that, although macros won’t be stripped out and the document will be opened, the macros themselves won’t run.

File TypeViewEdit
Open XMLdocxYesYes
BinarydocYesConverted to docx
Otherdotm, dotxYesNo

Excel Web App

The Excel Web App will open workbooks created in Excel 97 or later. The maximum file size is 2MB. As with the Word Web App, macros won’t run, but unlike Word if you attempt to edit the .xlsm file then you’ll be asked to create a copy of the file with the macros removed.

File TypeViewEdit
Full supportxlsx, xlsbYesYes
BinaryxlsYes (but not on SharePoint)Yes, converted to xlsx (not supported by SharePoint)
MacroxlsmYesYes, but macros stripped

PowerPoint Web App

The PowerPoint Web App will open presentations created in PowerPoint 97 or later. There’s no file size limit other than SkyDrive’s 50MB ceiling, and macros aren’t run.

File TypeViewEdit
Open XMLpptx, ppsxYesYes
Binaryppt, ppsYesConverted to pptx/ppsx
Macropptm, potm, ppam, potx, ppsmYesNo

OneNote Web App

OneNote only supports notebooks created in OneNote 2010. And that’s it.

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