Windows vs Ubuntu: in a nutshell

Ubuntu-1004-462x345You may recall how Dell dug itself into an almighty hole last month, after proclaiming that Ubuntu was safer than Windows, before swiftly changing its mind and declaring itself more neutral than Switzerland.

Well, now the PC maker’s had time to think the matter through, another page has appeared on the Dell website, condensing the whole Windows vs Ubuntu debate into about 100 words.

From Dell’s perspective the choice is clear. You should choose Windows if (and I swear I’m not paraphrasing here):

  • You are already using WINDOWS programs (e.g. Microsoft Office, iTunes etc) and want to continue using them
  • You are familiar with WINDOWS and do not want to learn new programs for email, word processing etc
  • You are new to using computers

And you should plump for Ubuntu if:

  • You do not plan to use Microsoft WINDOWS
  • You are interested in open source programming

So, just to get this highly complex argument straight: you should use Windows if you’ve already used Windows or have never used Windows. And you should only think about Ubuntu if you’re an open-source programmer. Got it?

By the way, I’m writing a feature on Ubuntu 10.04 vs Windows 7 for the next issue of PC Pro, on sale 21 August. I’m not sure I can match the degree of sophistication in Dell’s carefully thought-out analysis, but I’ll give it a go…

(Thanks to PC Pro blog reader rob997 for the tip-off.)

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