Android App of the Week: Alarm Clock Xtreme

Alarm Clock Xtreme Our latest Android App of the Week selection comes from laptops editor Sasha Muller, who recommended Alarm Clock Xtreme as a sure-fire way to wake up alert every single day.

Android App of the Week: Alarm Clock Xtreme

“It wakes you up with maths!” he proclaimed, before reeling off a list of features that puts Android’s stock alarm app to shame.

As sales pitches go, the promise of early morning mathematics isn’t the finest I’ve heard, but I reckon he might be on to something: while maths isn’t the most palatable way to start the day, it does seem to make me more alert than my previous alarm, which needed just a single tap to be beaten into submission.

The mathematical teasers pop up on to your home screen at the time your alarm’s been set, and Alarm Clock Xtreme offers five levels of difficulty, from easiest (sample question: 14 x 3) to hardest (39 x 33 – 1205).

It’s certainly not for the faint of heart, as you can’t get turn off your alarm without answering the question, but the app does offer a pleasing selection of options alongside its variable difficulty: alarm frequency and sound can be altered, as can the number of maths questions that need answering before the Android equivalent of Carol Vorderman shuts up. You can even set the required number of correct answers to increase with every tap of the snooze button – an extra incentive not to grab those precious extra minutes in bed.

And you don’t really have to solve maths problems, either, if you really don’t want to. Instead, Alarm Clock Xtreme can be set to deactivate if you place the phone in a dock or pick it up off your desk – it’ll use your handset’s GPS to detect the relevant movements. And for traditionalists, you can even choose to turn off your alarm with a mere press of a button.

Two versions of Alarm Clock Xtreme are available: the free version is ad-supported, and the paid software, which will set you back approximately 63p, removes the adverts and condenses the app’s file size. Either way it’s worth a download – even if early morning maths, at least initially, doesn’t sound like too much fun.

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