The most expensive cable in the world?

It’s fair to say I’ve spent a fair few pennies on hi-fi over the years. Speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and DACs have steathily crept into the Muller household, along with enough CDs and vinyl to fill my spare room from floor to ceiling.

The most expensive cable in the world?

The one thing I haven’t spent much money on is cables. You know, those snaking trails that hook your speakers to your amp; your PC to your DAC or home cinema receiver. My power cables are black (they came in the box); my speaker cables are a fetching shade of blue, and my digital cables? Well, there were some lying around in PC Pro’s labs (That’s £15 you owe us Sasha – Ed).

This morning, though, I’m worried that I might be missing something. Something crucial. Something that, say, for the sum of £16,114.72, could revitalise my music collection and destroy my credit rating with one fell swoop. I’m talking about a speaker cable.


Not just any speaker cable. The marketing blurb for the Kimber Select KS-6068 is unequivocal: “Listening confirms that they are significantly better, with a lower noise floor and even better detail retrieval and transparency.”

And just in case your hi-fi system is just too far away from your speakers, you can upgrade to the 3.5m variant for £21,387.57. Yes, that’s more than £5,000 per metre.

Get your orders in now.

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