Windows 8 on an Android tablet. Wait, what?


Windows 8 on an Android tablet. Wait, what?

Novatech is currently working with Chinese manufacturers to find a white-label Windows 8 tablet it can sell under its own brand. It hasn’t been an easy task, and as yet the British PC maker hasn’t found one it’s happy to put it’s name to.

Novatech has tested dozens of white-label tablets so far, few meeting the grade for build quality or features, but the one on tester Steve Kerrin’s table when I visited the company’s factory was certainly intriguing: an Android tablet running Windows 8.

Not the real Windows 8, mind you — an Android skin designed to look like the Metro UI. (Some might say that’s the worst of both worlds.)

It looks like the Windows 8 theme for Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich that was kicking around last year, though what makes this tech marvel truly surprising is it appears that manufacturer PiPO is actually trying to sell tablets running it — this is the Max-M6, if you’re so inclined.


I couldn’t get much of a look at it — there’s nothing ruder than walking into someone’s testing lab and messing with their stuff — but Novatech said the OEM uses the skin to show off the device’s “Retina-resolution” screen to “max effect”.

However, the actual result is it slows the quad-core processor to dual-core speeds, Kerrin said — without the skin, it’s not a bad device. It looks like Windows 8 isn’t much of a success on tablets even when it’s actually Android.

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