These old tech logos look terrible

Instagram's latest logo isn't great, but look at what the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Nokia and IBM started off with

Curtis Moldrich
1 Jun 2016

A few weeks ago, Instagram changed its logo to a weird, rainbow-coloured splodge, and people understandably went crazy. I’ll admit, I still haven’t got used to it, but the truth is technology companies like Instagram change their logos all the time. To illustrate that fact, Bored Panda has put together a list of companies’ original logos and their current ones, and you can see just how much they’ve changed and improved over the years.

The Bored Panda list actually includes everything from Burger King’s hilarious first logo to Pepsi’s earliest attempt, but I’ve just taken a look at the technology and car brands. What’s particularly fascinating is the way that many of the first logos betray just when the companies were founded; take a look at the 'high-tech' beginnings of Microsoft, Nokia and IBM for example. Actually, what is even going on with Nokia's logo? 

Brands like Instagram and Snapchat haven’t changed that much, and that’s because they’ve always been used and intended as apps. That means their logos have always fit Apple’s ‘app’ shape, and if anything their design has been dictated by the look of iOS. For example, the Snapchat and Instagram logo now feature the 'flat design' brought in with iOS 7.

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