Microsoft just became more valuable than Google

Microsoft is now more valuable than Google and its listed parent company Alphabet. For the first time since 2015, the Redmond-based technology company overtook the behemoth that is Google to become the third most valuable company in the world.

Microsoft just became more valuable than Google

Valued at $753 billion (£566 billion), Microsoft sits just ahead of Google’s parent company Alphabet’s $739 billion (£556 billion) valuation. Microsoft and Google have been trading places on the rankings since Google first surpassed the company in 2012. However, with this decisive gain, it shows that Microsoft’s latest CEO Satya Nadella has really managed to change the company’s image and turn its fortunes around.

Since taking over four years ago, Microsoft’s stock price has more than doubled and it’s gone from being a 40-plus-year-old company to a modern tech icon. By focusing Microsoft into product categories like AI and cloud computing, while simultaneously axing failing divisions like the Windows Phone, Microsoft has successfully modernised. The latest ranking shift just goes to show these rather drastic methods of moving away from Windows as its core product has clearly worked.

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Microsoft is also hot on the heels of Amazon, the second largest company in the world – sitting at $782 billion (£588 billion). At the top of the pack is Apple which, with a market valuation of $923 billion (£694 billion), isn’t going anywhere soon. Interestingly, though, Microsoft arguably has a larger portfolio than Apple and that could well be used to its advantage. As The Verge points out, Google generates around 90% of its revenue directly from advertising. Sixty percent of Apple’s entire revenue is also attributable to iPhone sales which could see billions wiped from its valuation if sales slow.

Microsoft, however, has grown much of its business through hardware, software and services. In its latest earnings report, Microsoft’s Windows, Surface and Xbox divisions chalked up to around 35% of its revenue. Cloud services clocked in at around 30% and Office and productivity solutions at another 30%.

So where next for Microsoft? Morgan Stanley believe that Microsoft will be one of the first companies out there to hit a $1 trillion valuation within the space of a year thanks to the growth of cloud services. If this is the case, Apple certainly have something to be worried about.

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