Elon Musk’s Boring Company to build electric skate tunnel to the Dodger Stadium

Elon Musk has been in hot water recently, after announcing Tesla’s purported share price in the event the firm is taken private. So no wonder the billionaire entrepreneur is trying to divert attention away from his Tesla exploits, and what a way to do it; Musk has announced that The Boring Co. plans to build a tunnel, dubbed the Dugout Loop (“The Dugout”), to the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles. 

Elon Musk’s Boring Company to build electric skate tunnel to the Dodger Stadium

Musk’s aptly named Boring Co. will dig a 3.6-mile tunnel to the stadium, which fans have notoriously found difficult to access. And if this endeavour sounds pretty low-tech, you can rest easy that it isn’t; this is no standard pedestrianised tunnel.

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The Boring Co. has released a mockup image of a futuristic-looking electric pod, which will ferry fans to and from the Dodger Stadium in style. The pod comprises a glass shell casing atop some artfully concealed silver wheels.


Image: The Boring Co. 

As for logistics, the tunnel is tipped to pick fans up near one of three LA Metro subway stations, cruising under Sunset Boulevard and arriving in the stadium parking lot. The move is being lauded as something of a green initiative, making it infinitely easier for fans to take public transport to games – quite the feat in a city known for its high density of gas-guzzlers.

The ride to and from the station will take four minutes, and fans can expect to be charged in the region of one dollar (78p) for the privilege. Given the initiative’s nascent stages, seats will be limited to 1,400 passengers per game – that’s around 2.5% of the Dodger Stadium capacity. However, if the endeavour is deemed a success, Musk has not ruled out expanding the system.


Image: The Boring Co. 

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This is not Musk’s first stab at boring tunnels under LA. Back in May the tech boss announced that he had nearly completed his first tunnel, writing on Instagram,“Pending final regulatory approvals, we will be offering free rides to the public in a few months.”

Meanwhile, the endeavour provides so much-needed PR for Musk, whose recent efforts have fallen short of public approval. His tweet about taking Tesla private has been rumoured to get him in hot water with the SEC, and an ill-judged “pedo” comment last month, along with a fruitless attempt to save the trapped football team from the Thai caves, have left Musk with a less than stellar reputation.

Here’s hoping the Dodgers Stadium gets Musk the validation he appears to so desperately crave. For a dollar a pop – and saving a world of navigational effort – we can’t see it going down too badly with Dodgers fans.

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