Women learning computer skills down by a third

Despite efforts to increase diversity within the tech industry, it appears that the number of women working in digital skills-related roles is in decline.

Women learning computer skills down by a third

New research from software programming course provider Makers Academy highlights that the number of women taking computing or ICT GCSEs has fallen by a third over the last three years. This means that only 35,103 women are enroled in these courses, down from 52,835 in 2014.

“We need more women training as software designers and programmers if we are to remain competitive in a post-Brexit world,” Evgeny Shadchnev, CEO of Makers Academy said. “Diversity can’t be an afterthought in the digital economy, and it is never too late to learn to code and consider a career switch.”

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Overall, the number of software developers has decreased too, with those entering into development roles slipping 16,000 in the last year. In fact, this is the first time levels have dropped in ten years, causing concern the UK will be left behind when it leaves the EU.

To address the falling numbers, Makers Academy has launched a free apprenticeship scheme that aims to get more individuals into software engineering careers, with a focus on getting women into coding. At the end of the apprenticeships, anyone taking part will be guaranteed a job in the digital sector.

The scheme has been funded by a £3 billion funding initiative for apprenticeships and hopes to attract those aged over 40 to try a new career.

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It will include a training academy in East London that will teach everyone how to code and during this week’s National Coding Week, it will offer people free Ruby coding lessons as a taster.

“We are thrilled to be launching the UK’s first apprenticeship software engineering programme in the format of the boot camp we have been running for over 5 years,” Shadchnev added. “We feel our contribution will benefit the levy scheme, which has not yet reached its full potential.”

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