Aston Martin DB11 concept becomes reality: 600hp, VIRTUAL spoiler and a big price to match

Earlier this week Aston Martin unveiled the DB11 at the Geneva Motor show, and it’s light years ahead of any of the company’s current production cars. Why? Because the DB11 uses innovative technology to make it the most powerful, most efficient and most manoeuvrable Aston on the road – and it looks amazing too. Aston Martin says the DB11 will have an entry-level price of £154,900 in the UK, and each car will be individually inspected before delivery. 

“DB11 is the absolute embodiment of what an Aston Martin should be, and we have worked tirelessly to ensure that DB11 combines both exceptional design with the latest technology throughout,” said Aston Martin CEO, Dr Andy Palmer. “A brand-new bonded aluminium platform, clever aerodynamics, a new characterful twin-turbo V12 and class-leading infotainment systems are just a few aspects which make this the sports car that will proudly spearhead Aston Martin’s second century plan.”aston_martin_db11_rear

Inside, the DB11 uses two screens borrowed from Daimler, Aston Martin’s technology partner. A full-colour 12in TFT display takes the place of a traditional speedometer and revs gauges, while the dash is occupied by a 8in screen for all infotainment duty.


The Aeroblade: a virtual spoiler

In addition to the “Curlicule”, the Aston Martin DB11 also features a virtual spoiler designed to improve downforce even further. Named the “Aeroblade”, this virtual spoiler draws air from inlets on the sides of the car, and then forces it vertically through a small slot in the decklid. The result? A wall of fast-moving air that effectively acts like an invisible spoiler. The DB11 also features a real-life spoiler, in the form of a small gurney flap that extends at speeds over 90mph.

Aston Martin DB11: An all-aluminum construction

The DB11 is just as clever on the inside, using an all-new aluminum construction that Aston Martin was more than happy to show off. When paired with a new 5.2-litre twin-turbocharged V12 engine capable of 600hp, it’s no surprise that the Aston Martin DB11 is fast. And with a 0-62mph time of 3.9 seconds and a “predicted” top speed of 200mph, it’s little wonder the DB11 has everyone excited about Aston Martin again.

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