Watch this F1 brake disc tested to 1,000˚C

Formula One is probably the most advanced sports in the world, with cars producing well over 900hp and topping speeds of 220mph. But how do you slow that down? F1 teams use carbon brakes capable of operating at temperatures as high as 1,000˚C – with most tracks seeing an average brake temperature of 400˚C. The video below shows Brembo putting its own brakes through their paces, with the test simulating a race track. 

Watch this F1 brake disc tested to 1,000˚C

Brakes are made of highly sophisticated carbon composites to deal with the heat, and even use special cooling holes and aerodynamics features around the car to stop them catching fire. Despite that, sometimes brakes can get a bit too hot – as the picture below shows. screen_shot_2016-03-13_at_18

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