Canadian woman driven into a lake by her GPS

Satellite navigation systems are extremely handy, but they’re not foolproof, and it should probably go without saying that if visibility is so poor that you can barely see the road in front of you, you probably shouldn’t assume the GPS knows what it’s doing.

Canadian woman driven into a lake by her GPS

A 23 year-old Canadian woman learned that lesson the hard way as her red Toyota Yaris paid the price, and ended up submerged in the Georgian Bay in Tobermory, Ontario.

It seems that the extreme fog meant she missed her right turn, and instead drove along a boat launch, straight into the water, which is 100 to 500 feet deep.

Constable Katrina Rubinstein-Gilbert told the Toronto Sun, “How the launch works, it’s not an airborne thing. It’s not ‘Dukes of Hazzard.’ It kind of goes off the road and the launch just drops all of a sudden.”

So she would have been driving on the road, and then all of a sudden just dropped and hit water.”

The driver was fine, manaing to roll down her windows, grab her purse and swim 30 metres to the shore, where she phoned the police.

“She’s in really good spirits,” Rubinstein-Gilbert said. “Of course a little embarrassed, but taking it all in stride.”

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