Thief steals BMW i3 and accidentally makes video review with dash cam

The BMW i3 has an unlikely new fan. A thief stole one of the electric cars earlier this month, and was recorded singing its praises on the car’s installed dash cam. The video goes on a bit and is pretty cringeworthy to watch, but it gives a shining review of electric cars.

During the 2:24 clip, the man says:

“I have never been in a car like this. This car will leave anything for dust. It is off!” I have to agree, the BMW i3 is fast, and can hit 60mph in 6.8 seconds. However, like many other electric cars, the BMW i3 shows strong pace up to the 30mph mark.

The thief did have one criticism, though: he thought the car’s start-up procedure pretty difficult to understand at first. During the video, he remarks, “I’m trying to get it to drive and it won’t drive and then he said take the handbrake off and I pushed it and took the handbrake off. It’s off!”

The video was only uploaded to YouTube a week ago, but has already clocked up over 154,000 views. Not only is it an unlikely endorsement for the BMW i3, it’s also a great reason to buy a dash cam.

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