WATCH THIS: Prototype Corvette smashes electric speed record

186.8mph is fast, objectively speaking, but it’s no longer a number that Maryland’s Genovation are bragging about. Earlier this year, their battery-powered Corvette hit that top speed, breaking the road-legal all-electric car record in the process.

Well, if that target wasn’t daunting enough for its rivals, Genovation has done it again following improvements to the Corvette, and the new score to beat is 205.6mph.

The car in question is the Genovation GXE, which is a re-engineered version of the Z06 Corvette, packed with a 44kWh battery pack, which translates to around 130 miles of usage without stopping to charge. Obviously if you went at the top speeds it’s now proven itself capable of, that’s the kind of battery life that would make the average gaming laptop look like an endurance machine.

Compared to the big players in the market, 205.6mph is pretty astonishing. Take the Tesla Model S, for example, which can only (“only”) hit 155mph. That’s a little bit unfair on Elon Musk’s company though, as the Model S maxes out its top speed to prevent damaging the battery pack. Without such limitations, it might be a far closer race.

But that’s speculation, and for now at least, the Genovation GXE has the crown. You can’t buy one yet though. It’s still being tested and developed, but the GXE will see the light of day in a limited production run. You should be able to put in a pre-order soon.

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