No, this probably isn’t Pokémon Go being played in a Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is one of the most sophisticated cars I have ever driven, and one of the most important parts of the Tesla is its huge 17in touchscreen. It’s pretty much like using a giant smartphone, and one Tesla owner has claimed that – just like a smartphone – it can also run Pokémon Go. I’m not sure I believe him, though.

No, this probably isn’t Pokémon Go being played in a Tesla Model S

That’s right, someone called Jeff from Pink Java Media claims to have hacked a Tesla Model S to play Pokémon Go. At first, it almost makes sense: the Tesla Model S has everything you need to play Pokémon Go – a decent processor, a (reverse) camera and GPS capability for the car’s satnav system.

If the hack isn’t fake, it probably took a lot of work, mainly down to Tesla’s stringent firmware: the Model S’s operating system blocks video playback and also doesn’t come with an app-mirroring function – despite how much Tesla owners beg for it.

Jeff suspiciously doesn’t go into detail about the hack, but he has posted a video showing the app in action. As you’d expect – or maybe not – the Tesla Model S isn’t the best vehicle to catch Pokémon in, with Jeff saying: “It’s not perfect. The Tesla’s display cuts off some of the game; I haven’t been able to fix that.”

Although I want it to be true, I do have a lingering suspicion that Jeff is having us on. If you watch the video above, you’ll see the camera move when Jeff swipes up to catch Rattata – not what you’d expect from a car bordering on two tonnes. 

Instead, it’s highly probable that treacherous Jeff – if that’s even his real name – has just overlaid Pokémon Go footage from his smartphone and onto the Model S’s screen. That would also explain why “Jeff” claims the hack cuts the edges of the game off. Awful. Awful, Jeff. 

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