Geneva Motor Show 2017: The 9 concepts, cars and technology showcases you NEED to know about

Every year the Geneva Motor Show gives car manufacturers a chance to show off their latest innovations, technologies and concepts – and this year is no exception. The 2017 Geneva Motor Show kicked off just yesterday, and there’s already a wealth of exciting things on show, from a production spec version of the Jaguar i-Pace, to Mercedes-Benz’s new hybrid AMG concept car.

Geneva Motor Show 2017: The 9 concepts, cars and technology showcases you NEED to know about

Because there’s so much to get through, I’ve put together a list of all the cars that are doing something different at this year’s motor show, or ones that are refining technology you’ll soon see on the road. Here are the most interesting 9 things at the Geneva Motor Show. 

1. Land Rover Project Hero


Land Rover has always maintained that the Discovery is one of the most versatile vehicles you can get right now, but this joint project with the Red Cross has gone a step further. Designed to work in disaster areas, the new Land Rover was created to help aid workers in areas of devastation, featuring a range of technology to help save lives. There are loads of small, interesting details on the Project Hero Land Rover, but the most obvious has to be the drone on its roof, which can fly and return autonomously.

2. Jaguar I-Pace


Ever since rumours first surfaced last year, Jaguar’s all-electric SUV has been one of the most anticipated cars around. And although there wasn’t much news to update us with at the Geneva Motor Show, Jaguar did at least show a production spec of the car in a Photon Red, a brand-new colour.

3. Infiniti Project Black S


Hybrids are great if you want low running costs, but Formula 1 has shown that hybrid power can also generate huge performance, too. Manufacturers such as McLaren and Honda have got in on the act with the P1 and NSX, and now Infiniti is set to join the party with the new Project Black S. Infiniti is a partner of the Renault F1 team, so its new car will benefit from ERS hybrid technology – and it could make the car up to 25% more powerful. It certainly looks the part.

4. Volvo XC60


The Volvo XC90 represented a turning point for the Volvo brand. Ever since it was released,  the Swedish carmaker has maintained a high level of cutting-edge technology throughout its range, and the XC60 looks to continue that process. So far it promises to be a smaller, more manageable version of the XC90, and that’s no bad thing – because the XC90 is still one of the most advanced cars I’ve driven. With a cheaper price and sharp styling, the XC60 probably going to be one of the most successful cars ever for the Volvo brand.

5. Goodyear Eagle 360 Urban


The Geneva Motor Show might be packed with cars, but at this year’s event, Goodyear unveiled a futuristic-looking rubber golf ball it thinks will be the future of tyres. Called the Goodyear Eagle 360 Urban, the new tyre is spherical and builds upon the design of the concept Goodyear unveiled last year, the Eagle 360. And the best bit? . Rather than using a traditional tread, the Eagle 360 Urban is made of hard foam but supported by a super-elastic polymer that an react to electricity like a muscle.

6. Audi Q8 Sport Concept


Audi seems to launch a new model every few months, but the Audi Q8 is going to be one of the most sophisticated models in the ever-growing range. Audi revealed concept pictures of its hybrid SUV earlier this year, and at this week’s 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the German car maker revealed an all-new sportier version of the new Q8.

7. McLaren 720s

McLaren may not be enjoying success in the world of F1, but it’s road cars division is certainly doing well – and the 720s marks the latest chapter in its recent resurgence. Finally revealed today, but teased for ages, the new McLaren 720s uses a four-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine good for 720PS – where the car gets its name. The new McLaren boasts a 0-100km/h time of three seconds, but its overall design – complete with some crazy sci-fi features – make it a car worth checking out.

8. Mercedes-AMG concept


Mercedes has unveiled another new hybrid concept – called the GT Concept, and after the Generation EQ concept car last year, it points towards how electric power can be used to enhance the performance of road cars. It’s the second car after the Mercedes-AMG F1 car to carry the EQ Power+ moniker, and with a projected 0-100km/h time of less than three seconds, it will have the performance to match.

9. Zoe E concept

Renault has always been known for its high-performance hot hatches, but this time around the French carmaker has leant its magic to an altogether different beast. Instead of a turbocharged Clio, the latest hot-hatch Renault is a tuned take on the popular Zoe EV. Called the Zoe e-Sport concept, Renault’s latest project uses carbon fibre to keep weight down, but packs in two engines to give it a 0-60mph time of just 3.2 seconds.


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