Williams rebuilt this classic 1990s Porsche 911 engine with F1 tech

The Porsche 911 in its current form is a living legend, but some people think the brand from Stuttgart perfected its creation in the 1980s and 90s. In fact, so many people want Porsches from that era that companies such as the LA-based Singer Vehicle Design have appeared, dedicated to modernising and reviving that classic Porsche formula – and creating incredible, unique 911s at the same time. That’s already pretty cool, but now Singer has teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering – yes, the technology arm of the F1 team – and the results are amazing.


Singer and Williams have worked together to redesign the 911’s iconic flagship engine, and they’ve used cutting-edge, F1-inspired technology to do it. First, Williams started with an air-cooled 1990-spec 3.6-litre flat-six, and then they bore it to a full four-litre displacement, before furnishing it with four-valve cylinder heads, titanium con-rods, aluminium throttle bodies and other modifications. That makes the new engine good for an astonishing 493 bhp.

To compensate for that new power, the new flat-six engine has carbon-fibre air intakes that improve the cooling of the powerplant. Singer has also added a new titanium exhaust system too, and the whole thing looks like a work of art.


The F1-inspired engine is being installed on a commission for long-term Singer client Scott Blattner, and so far we’ve only been given some incredible pictures of the car’s components. With any luck, we’ll see pictures of the new car next month, but there’s still no word on the cost. Expect it to be ridiculous, obviously.

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