Tesla is building the biggest Supercharger station EVER in China

Tesla is building its biggest Supercharger station ever, and it will probably be the largest electric car-charging station in the world. The new Supercharger station is going up in Shanghai, China, and is part of the 1,000 Superchargers Tesla aims to have in that region.

Tesla is building the biggest Supercharger station EVER in China

According to Electrek, Tesla wants to have 10,000 Superchargers in the world by the end of the year – and larger Supercharger stations like this one in China are going to significantly contribute towards that.


Electrek says the new station is under construction at the Lilacs International Commercial Centre, which is situated in the Pudong area of Shanghai. When completed, it will have 50 Superchargers in total – ten more than the next largest.

Economics of scale

While this may be one of the first big Supercharger stations, it’s clear Tesla’s “electric petrol stations” will be an increasingly common sight. As the popularity of Tesla vehicles increases, Elon Musk’s EV company will have more money to spend on infrastructure. In turn, that increased infrastructure will make Tesla’s cars more attractive to buy.

Phase 2

What’s also interesting is the way in which Tesla is still focusing on urban areas. Coverage is important – especially out of town – but the EV manufacturer is working on building up concentrated charging hotspots in urban areas, too.

As electric cars become more popular, infrastructure will have to be more spread out around cities, but also more concentrated within them to meet an increased charging demand. Tesla already has the most comprehensive network of chargers in the world, and now it’s going to strengthen where it matters most.

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