Tesla is boosting the speed of old Model X and Model S cars

Last week we discovered one of the possible drawbacks of electric cars, but now we’re learning yet another of the benefits. According to a new report by Electrek, Tesla is unlocking extra power in old Tesla Model X and Model S 75Ds – and it’s doing so free of charge.

Tesla is boosting the speed of old Model X and Model S cars

Earlier in the year, Tesla said it had found a way to increase the performance of new 75D models, but now the company says the update can be carried out on some older models, too. There’s a catch, though. The update only works on a certain hardware configuration introduced midway through production, so not all 75Ds will be able to benefit.

And there’s a decent benefit, too. Dual Motor Model S and Model S vehicles with the new update saw around a second of improvement from 0-60mph. The Model S 0-60 mph time went from 5.2 seconds to 4.2, while the Model X’s went from 6.0 seconds to just 4.9 seconds.

Tesla owners of the Model S and Model X will get a Spotify Premium account for free

Tesla owners who want to upgrade their car will need to check their VIN at a service centre, and if their car is compatible, they’ll get the upgrade through a “hardwired connection” that can take up to two hours. Unlike other updates, Tesla can’t do this one over the air.

Is it coming to the UK?

Right now, this update looks to be taking place in America, but it’s likely Tesla will have a plan for Europe and the UK, too. Although it’s not a mandatory one, it transforms Tesla’s entry-level vehicle into a car that’ll give some performance cars a run for their money.

A benefit of EVs

Tesla has always pioneered the idea of over-the-air updates, and this although this one has to be down physically, it still fits in with the idea of constantly updating and improving its cars – even years after release.

What’s more, it’s also interesting to see Tesla give away such a substantial update for nothing. The 75Ds 4.2 0-60mph time now brings it just 0.1 seconds away from a standard 100. Although the range and trim levels are very different, there’s a difference of £22,000 between the £64,000 75D and the £86,000 Model 100D. With such similar performance, Tesla must be comfortable that the 100D is by far the better car – acceleration time aside

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