Daimler unveils E-FUSO electric lorry at the Tokyo Motor Show

We’ve heard rumours of electric trucks for the last few months now. Cummins unveiled the very first electric truck concept earlier this year, and Tesla is to announce its all-new electric lorry by the end of the year. But now, there’s another competitor in the ring: Daimler.

Daimler unveils E-FUSO electric lorry at the Tokyo Motor Show

At this week’s Tokyo Motor Show, Mercedes’ parent company introduced the  

E-FUSO Vision ONE. According to Electrek, the new vehicle is a Class 8 truck that weighs 23 tonnes – but can carry up to 11 tonnes – just two less than a diesel version. What’s more, a 300kWh battery pack means it’ll have a range of up to 220 miles.


“The E-FUSO Vision One represents FUSO’s view on the near future of electric trucks, extending the usage beyond the urban city limits,” said a Daimler statement. “This prototype illustrates the possibilities of extending the current usage of all-electric trucks from the inter-urban centres to highways. The technology addresses medium-duty today and is developing for tomorrow’s longer-haul semi, class 8 trucks.”

Electric commercial vehicles

Electric cars are already on our roads, but the next – and most important step – for EV technology, is its adoption in business. Early adopters can buy electric cars as much as they want, but it’s companies that’ll be the true acid test for EV tech. When companies purchase a vehicle, it’s based on sums and profit margins – not personal reasons – and that makes the success of commercial EVs far more interesting.

What’s more, EV technology actually lends itself to lorry technology. EVs have traditionally had a large amount of torque, and that’s perfect for transporting large weights.

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