Nissan’s Xmotion Concept SUV is a super-smart tech haven with a built-in assistant and gesture controls

Nissan has unveiled the Xmotion Concept SUV at the Detroit Motor Show and it showcases the company’s latest Human Machine Interface and ProPilot autonomous technology.

Nissan's Xmotion Concept SUV is a super-smart tech haven with a built-in assistant and gesture controls

 The Xmotion takes the form of an SUV, reflecting the segment’s popularity in today’s new car market.

Its angular looks are an evolution of Nissan’s new design language, with ‘boomerang’ headlamps and a front grille similar to those of the IMx SUV concept unveiled at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show. The sharp angles continue along the side of the Xmotion and around the back. Even the 21-inch wheels seem to poke out of all four wheel arches.

Inside, the Xmotion has seating for six, over three rows. The mostly white interior trim is bathed in an ambient red glow, representing the two colours of the Japanese flag. Traditional Japanese woodwork represents the centre console and extends through the middle of the Xmotion’s cabin.


A prominent feature on the Xmotion is the Human Machine Interface (HMI), which Nissan calls “very simple”. If a driver wishes to switch from manual driving mode to ProPilot autonomous mode, they can do so via the PD (ProPilot Drive) Commander found on the centre console and steering wheel.

Digital screens surround the front cabin, most prominently across the width of the dashboard, as well as where the rear view mirror is normally located. A digital centre console display is also fitted. All of these screens can be controlled using hand gestures and eye movement, according to Nissan, although voice command also plays a key role in the Xmotion’s HMI.


When starting the Xmotion Concept, the built-in personal assistant pops up on the main dashboard screen, taking the form of a Koi Carp. It acts as a companion and helps find points of interest for the driver en route to a particular destination, displaying relevant information about them.

Nissan will incorporate ProPilot technology into the Xmotion Concept but hasn’t gone into detail about its latest autonomous features. There’s also no information regarding the powertrain, but it’s likely to feature some form of electric propulsion, should the Xmotion enter production.

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Images: Dan Smith/Nissan

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