Elon Musk’s new video shows a Tesla mystery car

Tesla has released a blistering promo video, featuring footage of the company’s next-gen Roadster, a glimpse of a mystery car and some panoramic shots of the sprawling Gigafactory.

The two-minute unlisted YouTube video was tweeted out by Elon Musk, referring to it as a “Tesla quarterly all-hands video”. Whether or not that means promos like this will be a regular event remains to be seen, but the clip is a company overview of sorts – encompassing cars, batteries and factories, complete with snazzy editing and a funky soundtrack.  

The first interesting part of the video happens around the 16-second mark, when a covered-up vehicle can be spotted in what looks like the company’s Hawthorne design studio. This is where Tesla comes up with its new vehicles, suggesting the car is an as-yet-unannounced project. There’s not a great deal to go on, but the size of the vehicle points to something smaller than the SUV Tesla Y, reportedly in production.

Later in the video we get some impressive shots of Tesla’s vast lithium-ion battery factory, Gigafactory 1. Around the 55-second mark a herd of wild horses makes its way across a wintery landscape, with the factory in the background. It’s like a corporate western.

Just after the one-minute mark we get a look at the next-gen Roadster cockpit in action, with its signature wheel design and minimal dashboard. From there, the video rolls on until a final segment of excited people test riding what looks to be the current-generation Roadster, with varying degrees of terror and wonder.  

Last week, Tesla posted its quarterly earnings, reporting overall losses of $784.6 million or $4.19 per share in the first part of the year, despite posting a record revenue of $3.4 billion. Oh well. If the car thing doesn’t work out, at least Musk will have his burgeoning plans for a “candy” empire.

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